2023 photo gallery

An ever-growing collection of images

This page contains photos from our 2023 gigs, with the most recent performance at the top. Click on any thumbnail to see the larger version.

CubaDupa 2023 – day 2

26/03/23 – Photos by Chris McKeown, friends of Jennifer Montgomery, Ginas Bellygees, Satya Priyomarsono and Tom Etuata – related post

CubaDupa 2023 – day 1

25/03/23 – Photos by Epu Tararo, friends of Jennifer Montgomery, Ginas Bellygees, Jax D-wan, Kelly Etuata, Satya Priyomarsono, Varun Konikkara and Warren Quennell – related post

Getting ready

Waiting to play

The show

The parade

Cultural Food Fair 2023 – Miramar Central School

10/03/23 – Photos by Dani Fuenzalida, Ginas Bellygees, Kelly Etuata and Lyndon – related post

Newtown Fair 2023

05/03/23 – Photos by Chris McKeown and Tom Etuata – related post

El Barrio Carnaval 2023

18/02/23 – Photos by Tom Etuata – related post

Island Bay Festival Parade 2023

12/02/23 – Photos by Deborah Shuker, Hayley Anderson, Jennifer Montgomery, Kelly Etuata, Rebecca Routhan, Sarah Jane, Tom Etuata and Yin Zhu – related post

The wedding of Alex and Shannon

11/02/23 – Photos by wedding photographer Josiah Nevell, and Batucada members Kara Nation, Kelly Etuata, Rebecca Routhan and Sunita Singh Boparoy – related post