Summer Sampler 2023

A dramatically grey-sky day on Wellington’s waterfront

Wellington Batucada at the Summer Sampler 2023. Photo by Tom Etuata.

One of the good things about our 2021 uniform (the red and yellow one) is that it’s visible from space, pretty much. When you’re sitting outside at Mac’s Brewery having a quick beer before the gig, you can spot your fellow band members walking along the waterfront from miles away. It’s quite handy.

We were quite thrilled to have a Green Room for this gig – often we don’t – but we were happily situated upstairs at Te Wharewaka, able to get ready for this showcase afternoon gig on Wellington’s waterfront. The event was organised by the City Council to give Wellington a bit of an idea of the treats in store this summer.

It was a funny old day, weather-wise. Early February, so it should be warm and sunny – but it isn’t – it’s cool, wind-swept and a bit rainy. Ah Wellington. We do love you.

While we were getting ready indoors the heavens opened and it absolutely poured down – but the moment we stepped outside to begin our show the clouds snapped shut and the rain disappeared. Amazing! Bit better than our last waterfront gig!

Wellington Batucada at the Summer Sampler 2023. Photo by Deborah Shuker.

This was our first show since before Christmas, so it was great to get out and play together again. We’re working on our set for this summer’s gigs, so it was a good opportunity to get ourselves back into those rhythms and have a good old drum and a dance.

Our audience – who were nowhere to be seen when we first stepped outside – gradually appeared and grew as if by magic – enticed by the sounds of the drums and the outfits-visible-from-space, no doubt.

It was a lovely gig – nice and breezy to keep us all cool, with dark grey skies to make the photos look all moody and dramatic. Coolio!

Photo gallery

Photos by Anny Freitas, Deborah Shuker, and Tom Etuata. Click on any thumbnail to see the larger version:

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