2021 photo gallery

An ever-growing collection of images

This page contains photos from our 2021 gigs, with the most recent performance at the top. Click on any thumbnail to see the larger version.

Harcourt’s Conference 2021

25/05/21 – Photos by Deborah Shuker – related post

International Dance Day 2021

02/05/21 – Photos by Angela Leamy, Deborah Shuker, Garside Imaging and Yulia Yagunova – related post

Unite against COVID – filming a TV ad

21/04/21 – Photos by AliG, Andre Grobler, Anny Freitas, Donki Kong, Epu Tararo and Kelly Etuata – related post

Newtown Fair 2021

11/04/21 – Photos by Bruce Mackay, Chris McKeowan, Kelly Etuata and Miri Naad – related post

CubaDupa 2021

28/03/21 – related post

Mass Samba Bloco

Photos by Brendon Doran, CubaDupa, Dani Fuenzalida and Paul Taylor:

The parades

Photos by Ana Paula Medeiros, Bokeh Street, CubaDupa, Gerry Keating, Jax D-wan, Kara Nation, Kelly Etuata, Lotographia, Mini Rose, Nigel Sloley and Paul Taylor:

The stage show

Photos by Bokeh Street, CubaDupa, Gerry Keating, Nigel Sloley and Paul Taylor:

Round the Bays Fun Run 2021

21/02/21 – Photos by Tom Etuata – related post

Island Bay Festival Parade 2021

13/02/21 – Photos by Andre Grobler – related post

El Barrio Street Carnival 2021

12/02/21 – Photos by Daniela Fuenzalida Photography and Tom Etuata – related post