Cultural Food Fair 2023 – Miramar Central School

Keeping it in the family

Wellington Batucada at the Miramar School Cultural Food Fair 2023. Photo by Dani Fuenzalida.

We have a family connection with Miramar Central School, via our gig co-ordinator Gordo – so we were delighted to be invited to provide the entertainment for this year’s Cultural Food Fair at Miramar Central School.

Playing samba at the Cultural Food Fair – video by Lyndon Cronan

Not only would we get to play for the kids, their parents and teachers – if we were lucky we’d be able to partake of some of the yummy home-made food from the many different cultures represented at this very multicultural school. What a treat!

Playing Sambanui samba reggae at the Cultural Food Fair – video by Lyndon Cronan

It was a lovely little gig – and the best bit was the heaps of kids who joined in with great gusto with the choreographed dancing – including a row of lads at the back who were having a whale of a time! Just fab.

Photo gallery

Photos by Dani Fuenzalida, Ginas Bellygees, Kelly Etuata and Lyndon Cronan. Click on any thumbnail to see the larger version:

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