2018 photo gallery

An ever-growing collection of images

This page contains photos from our 2018 gigs, with the most recent performance at the top. Click on any thumbnail to see the larger version. You can use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to navigate through each gallery.

Wellington Phoenix vs Newcastle Jets 2018

21/10/18 – Photos by Rosa Posa Photographs – related post

The Menagerie Variety Show

28/07/18 – Photos by Alan Shuker, Alison Green, Amber Sturtz, Chris Boorman, Epu Tararo, Jane Comben, Roger Henderson, and Sarah Jane – related post

CubaDupa 2018 day 1

24/03/18 – related post

Getting ready

Photos by Joe Fecteau, Lise Hutcheon, Satya Priomarsono, Yuri Kiddo:

Waiting backstage

Photos by Bokeh Street:

The stage gig

Photos by Bokeh Street, Leigh Thornett, Paul Taylor, Yuri Kiddo:

The Cuba Street and Pigeon Park gig

Photos by Bokeh Street, Leigh Thornett, Lyndon Cronan, Paul Taylor, Pollyanne Diniz, Stella Hastie, Yuri Kiddo:

Newtown Fair 2018

04/03/18 – Photos by Paul Taylor – related post