2016 photo gallery

An ever-growing collection of images

This page contains photos from our 2016 gigs, with the most recent performance at the top. Click on any thumbnail to see the larger version. You can use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to navigate through each gallery.

100 Days to the Paralympics

30/05/16 – Photos by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images for Paralympics New Zealand – related post

Relay for Life 2016

09/04/16 – Photos by ReFocus Photography, plus screengrabs from the video – related post

CubaDupa 2016 day 2

20/03/16 – related post

Mass rehearsal

Photos by Alan Shuker and Kelly Etuata:

Street performance

Photos by Alan Shuker and Alex Angileri:

Stage gig

Photos by Kelly Etuata, Amandala Photography, Alan Shuker and Alex Efimoff:

The afterparty

Photos by Epu Tararo:

CubaDupa 2016 day 1

19/03/16 – related post

Getting dressed up

Photos by Alan Shuker and Vanessa Greig:

Waiting to play

Photos by Alan Shuker and Alan Blundell:

On stage

Photos by Alan Shuker and Amandala Photography:

Street performance

Photos by Martin Horspool, Alex Efimoff, Alan Shuker and Andreas Lietz:

Out In The Park – Love Parade 2016

12/03/16 – Photos by Amanduh La and Cindy Thompson – related post

Newtown Fair 2016

06/03/16 – Photos by Paul Taylor, Gary Pickburn and Stan. SWAN – related post

Island Bay Festival parade 2016

13/02/16 – Photos by Alan Shuker – related post

Wellington Rugby Sevens 2016

30/01/16 – 31/01/16 – Photos by Alan Shuker – related post

Footvolley 2016

23/01/16 – Photos by Roger Henderson – related post