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Welcome to Wellington Batucada!

We’re all about community participation and ensuring that every time we perform, we do it to the best of our abilities. We love what we do, and we hope you do too.

We’d love to hear what you think of Wellington Batucada, so if you’d like to say hi or leave a comment, that would be awesome.

You’re also very welcome to make comments or suggestions about our website and how we can make it better. Thanks!

24 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. Hey- I saw you guys jamming today on Cuba street, and absolutely loved it! Did a little dancing in the middle of your drum circle there, and felt totally energized!
    Great job, and I hope to see you guys around the city sometime!

  2. Hi Victoria!

    Thanks heaps for your lovely feedback – it’s always great to hear that people are enjoying our drumming. Thanks for dancing!

    You’ll definitely see us again around town at some point – we do heaps of performances for all kinds of events and parades – check out our Gigs page for upcoming shows.

  3. Darren/Tim Darren/Tim and your team hey family A big THANK YOU & HUGS ……. to you all 07.10.12 had an awesome time with you all at Practise.
    oh not to mention Alison Childs …….. my time keeper to whisk me away to the airport in such a short time could one imagin the pints I had to down load grrrrr a red face Maori wobbling through the airport awwwwww ………
    I have had some enquiries of picks that were taken at Hastings that some of you’s were interested in but have not seen and for the life of me I did pass on a flash drive to someone that was at Hastings.
    As a backup Alison Green, at some stage will be in contact with me, we will tee up and as soon as can be I will run the batch to her
    please direct your enquires to her (watch this space)
    I will while I am at it include 2011/2012/ plus the 07.10.12

    other than that take care to you all

  4. I think your web site is excellent and very easy to navigate with good images/videos to compliment the site.
    I’m a long-term member of a samba school, based in Melbourne, that has recently recruited a former member of Wellington Batucada (her name is Jacinta). She is a very good Tamborim player, the main percussion instrument that I play in our Bateria ( O’Ziriguidum Escola de Samba). Our small bateria only has 15 regular members, so we’re more of a ‘percussion ensemble’ than a true percussion section of a samba school like what exists in Brazil.
    It would be great to maintain regular contact with your group and, who knows, our paths may cross at a cultural exchange in either Australia or in NZ?

  5. Hey! We are so looking forward to seeing you again at Newtown Fair Day on Sunday 3 March. Your parade is loved by everyone – stallholders and public alike, and is an important part of the vibrant atmosphere that makes Newtown Festival so fantastic!!

    11 more sleeps!

  6. Hello Newtown Festival!

    We’re really looking forward to seeing you on Sunday – we love the Newtown Festival Parade – it’s one of the highlights of our year. Get your dancing shoes on!

  7. Hiya! We came across your performance on Courtney Place yesterday (March 8th) quite by accident and stayed to watch. It was amazing! We really enjoyed the performance and the energy, and it looked like you guys were having fun yourselves! Such an unexpected treat! Thank you!

  8. Hi Yulia!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to get in touch – we really enjoyed performing yesterday and it’s lovely to hear that you enjoyed it too. Have a look at our Gig Guide (click on “GIGS” at the top of the page) to see where we’ll be playing next…

  9. Hello,Talofa and Kiaora
    Just want to say, you guys are fabulous. I love the beat of the drums, it’s such happy music to my ears, as I listen on my breaks outside the St James Theatre. I just cannot help but want to dance along with you guys. Fantastic!!

  10. Kia ora Lorina!

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments – we’re glad that the sound of our playing makes you happy – it makes us happy too!

  11. I was in Wellington, NZ for three nights in 2011, and caught part of the RWC 2011 – Cuba Mall.

    It may have been a miserable, cold day (and I remember, it was!), but to this day I remember the energy and incredible sound created by your group. It was a highlight of my whole round the world trip!

    Keep up the good work

    • Hi Rebecca – thanks heaps for your feedback – we love making people happy, and it’s always such fun to see people’s faces when they randomly encounter us and the samba beats get them grooving.

      Come back again and visit again one day, ok?

  12. Good Evening!
    I love your music, it’s very nice, amazing.
    Samba and Batucada bring so much happiness, gladness and positive energy.
    I had the chance to visit Brazil with my friends in 2011, Rio de Janeiro, Santos, Brasilia and Curitiba.
    This country is wonderful. It gives a special atmosphere, a sense of freedom, strength and happiness.
    Hope that you’ll come to Australia this year.

    Gracias por la música, gracias por la sonrisa.

  13. I had the pleasure of joining your street parade at Cuba Dupa with the Dos de la Muertos theme, and it was AMAZING!! Bravo for such an incredible and compelling performance – I loved it!

    • Hi Krys!
      Thanks so much for getting in touch – I’m so pleased you enjoyed our performance – we loved every minute of it too. xx

  14. You are all amazing!!!
    Love your music, dance and enthusiastic energy.
    Totally enjoyed seeing you at Newtown Festival and an awesome performance on stage at the Opera House for CubaDupa.
    Thanks heaps.
    Look forward to seeing you at the next Wellington event.

    • Hi Merle!
      Thanks heaps for your very kind comments. The Newtown and CubaDupa gigs are 2 of our favourite gigs of the year, so we’re very happy to hear you loved them too. We’ve got a couple of gigs coming up fairly soon – check out our Gigs page for more info.

    • Aww thanks Susan! We’re so glad you like our drumming. You could think about joining the Wellington band – we do have members who live in the Hutt – and some that come in from the Kapiti Coast even, so it is possible! Have a look at our Join page to find out more.

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