Harcourt’s Conference 2021

A short and sweet show in the TSB Arena

After an early, rainy start and some adventures negotiating traffic and on-site construction works the crew all assembled on-time and without losing anyone. Phew!

After a try-out for stage positions we waited in the green room and then started the show with a short, noisy, surprise parade into Shed 6 to round everyone up from the breakfast reception and then led them pied piper style across into the main TSB Arena stadium.

Once in there we paraded through the stadium seating and got onto the big stage (with a MASSIVE video screen behind us). Then we gave the crowd a blast of Samba Reggae and Merengue.

Wellington Batucada at the Harcourt's Conference, TSB Arena. On the big screen at the Arena. Photo by Deborah Shuker.

We looked and sounded pretty good – we were told it looked awesome when they were projecting live video of us dancing and playing onto the MASSIVE video screen (did I mention it was MASSIVE?). Hopefully we can get some of that footage.

Performing on-stage at the TSB Arena for the Harcourt's Conference. Photo by Deborah Shuker.

It was well worth getting up early and taking the time out on a workday – thanks very much to Harcourt’s for the invite and for the opportunity to do a (tiny) gig in the TSB Arena. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Photo gallery

Photos by Deborah Shuker. Click on any thumbnail to see the larger version:

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