Newtown Fair 2016

Fun in the sun on the streets of Newtown

Newtown Fair 2016 - dancers - photo by Paul TaylorI was struck by how many people came and talked to me as I wandered through the Fair earlier in the day, enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of Newtown. Easy to spot in my giant red hat and red Batucada T-shirt, I was constantly being stopped and asked “What time are you guys playing? I can’t wait to see you!”.

People really LOVE us – and for many, we complete their Newtown experience in an all-drumming, all-dancing way that they look forward to every year. I think that’s pretty awesome – and it was really nice to be reminded of that fact in such an immediate way.

It was madly hot at the Newtown Fair this year. I reckon there must have been 80,000+ people there – and it felt like they were all either dancing with us or lining the streets while we paraded through the festival.

Newtown 2016 was insanely good, we had the BEST time – and our lovely group of new dancers, in the final stages of rehearsals for CubaDupa, were wonderful.

What a fabulous day.

Photo gallery

Photos by Paul Taylor, Gary Pickburn and Stan. SWAN. Click on any thumbnail to see the larger version. You can use left and right arrows on your keyboard to navigate:


Samba – video by Sophia Tara

Six-Eight – video by Sophia Tara

Merengue – video by Sophia Tara

Video by Stan. Swan

Video by AAAndreiNicolai – we show up about halfway through

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