Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ 2020

A dance and cultural event with Ollin Yolitzli

This most excellent Day of the Dead event was a collaboration between the group Ollin Yolitzli (Mexican traditional dance) and Aro Valley Community Centre.

Wellington Batucada dancers performing at Day of the Dead 2020. Photo by Anonymous.

We were invited to lead everyone in a parade from Aro Valley park to Aro Valley Hall as an introduction to the main event in the Hall.

We have great memories of our Day of the Dead costumes and makeup from CubaDupa 2016, so we were all most definitely up for it – face paint and all. It was a completely wonderful evening. The biggest (and first outdoor) gig we’ve done since lockdown ended – and boy, was it great to be back on the drums again. Awesome!

Wellington Batucada drummers performing at Day of the Dead 2020. Photo by Anonymous.

Wellington Batucada drummers and dancers performing at Dia de los Muertos – Day of the Dead. Video by Tom Etuata.

Photo gallery

Photos by Charlene Hillyard, Epu Tararo, Satya Priyomarsono, Tom Etuata and Anonymous. Click on any thumbnail to see the larger version:

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