Sevens waterfront parade 2015 – day 1


2015 marked the year we TOTALLY AND UTTERLY ROCKED IT with our Sevens waterfront parade costumes.

2015 Sevens waterfront parade day 1 - family photo by Alan Shuker

I don’t know what it is about Steampunk that fires people up to produce their best work costume-wise, but it sure as hell does.

We’ve never looked better.

We gathered at Thistle Hall before the parade, and took an admiring look at each other’s outfits (and snapped a few family photos while we were at it).

The bus took us to the start of the waterfront parade, letting us off rather usefully just outside Mac’s Brewbar, which enabled us to ensure we were well watered before our afternoon’s excursions (it being somewhat of a warm, if windy, Wellington summer’s day).

The parade was excellent, as always, we looked amazing, no-one much followed us to the stadium (they never do – they’re all having far too much fun on the waterfront) and we finished off with some jolly good parading along the walkway towards the stadium.

Then back on the bus and off to the Southern Cross for a lemonade or two.


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