Island Bay Festival Parade 2020

A great sunshiny day for a parade!

Wellington Batucada team photo after the Island Bay Parade 2020 - photo by Deborah Shuker

What a lovely day, and what a lovely gig.

My goodness. What a stonkingly hot day that was – you can’t beat Welly etc etc.

The parade route for the Island Bay Festival Parade is longer than it looks, and it’s always quite a relief to reach the shade of the trees at the end. And then we get to do a little performance in front of the stage for the gathered crowds, which is great fun.

We love Wellington’s community festivals – and we feel so fortunate to have played a part in so many over the years. Long may they continue!

Wellington Batucada at the Island Bay Festival Parade 2020. Video by Tom Etuata

Photo gallery

Photos by Tom Etuata and Deborah Shuker. Click on any thumbnail to see the larger version:

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