Cubasonic: a mass musical disruption coming to the capital

The biggest mass performance we’ve ever done!

Batucada dancers at CubaDupa 2018

Wellington Batucada is absolutely thrilled to have been invited by Wellington composer John Psathas to take part in Cubasonic – his original score for over 500 musicians written especially for this year’s CubaDupa.

We’ve been learning and rehearsing our part in this epic piece since November and we’re really excited to be involved. The score is nothing like anything we’ve ever played before, which makes it fascinating and an excellent challenge to get our heads around.

John Psathas and CubaDupa director Gerry Paul were interviewed on Radio New Zealand this week. Have a listen and get excited about what’s to come – it’s gonna be huge!

Cubasonic: a mass musical disruption coming to the capital

A mass musical disruption is coming to the Capital as part of the CubaDupa festival next month.

500 muscians will line Cuba Street from one end to the other and perform an original score by Wellington composer John Psathas.

Add in a sound system across multiple city blocks and a locally-invented Tesla coil that can be played like a keyboard and shoots lightning into its surrounding and you’ve got Cubasonic.

Lynn’s guests are John Psathas and CubaDupa director Gerry Paul. CubaDupa is on March 28 and 29 in Wellington.
RNZ, Nine To Noon, 7 February 2020

2 thoughts on “Cubasonic: a mass musical disruption coming to the capital

    • Hi Jane!

      The CubaSonic performance times are Saturday 28th March at 5:00pm and Sunday 29th March at 2:30pm. The location is… Cuba Street! There’s more information here – CubaSonic Facebook page.

      We are really looking forward to it. We had a rehearsal with many of the other musicians (and John Psathas the composer) at Avalon Studios last night, and it’s sounding amazing. I think it’s going to be quite the spectacle. We will see you there 🙂

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