Notice from your Committee 22/02/10


Wellington Batucada is in search of an Instrument Coordinator.

This volunteer position is responsible for awareness of instrument inventory for the bateria, possible coordination of maintenance of equipment, placing of orders for more equipment when necessary, and being available at Thistle Hall for instrument pickup prior to gigs.

Earn the respect and admiration of your Batucada colleagues! Become the Instrument Coordinator now!


Special Projects

At the 2009 AGM $5000 was budgeted to be spent on Wellington Batucada Special Projects.

A Special Project must have the potential to benefit Wellington Batucada as a whole, not just a minority of its members.

Any member can propose a special project. The committee will decide if a project should go ahead and can stipulate how funds are released from the committee. This may be based on certain deliverables being achieved. The committee should approve projects in a financially responsible manner and a project should not jeopardise Batucada’s financial well-being. The proposal should include (brief bullet points are fine):

  • Title
  • Background to project
  • Summary of project and deliverables promised/expected
  • How this project will benefit Wellington Batucada
  • Detailed budget. This should include timelines and amounts for expenses and possible revenue and include specific details of any funds going to pay for services of Batucada members (for transparency).
  • Timelines for delivery

Proposals are considered quarterly (first Sunday of Dec, March, June and Sept). None were presented in December. The second round of proposals is due by 6 pm Thursday 4th March. Please send to Phill at