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Newtown Fair 2020

The last gig before lockdown…

Although we didn’t realise it at the time, the 2020 Newtown Fair was our last gig before lockdown, just over two weeks later.

It was an epic event, and we feel so blessed to have been able to come together, dancing and drumming our way through the streets of one of our favourite Wellington communities, one last time.

We know that, all being well, we’ll be drumming and dancing together again some day soon.

Wellington Batucada drummers and dancers at the Newtown Fair 2020. Video by Tom S Etuata.

Cubasonic: a mass musical disruption coming to the capital

The biggest mass performance we’ve ever done!

Batucada dancers at CubaDupa 2018

Wellington Batucada is absolutely thrilled to have been invited by Wellington composer John Psathas to take part in Cubasonic – his original score for over 500 musicians written especially for this year’s CubaDupa.

We’ve been learning and rehearsing our part in this epic piece since November and we’re really excited to be involved. The score is nothing like anything we’ve ever played before, which makes it fascinating and an excellent challenge to get our heads around.

John Psathas and CubaDupa director Gerry Paul were interviewed on Radio New Zealand this week. Have a listen and get excited about what’s to come – it’s gonna be huge!

Cubasonic: a mass musical disruption coming to the capital

A mass musical disruption is coming to the Capital as part of the CubaDupa festival next month.

500 muscians will line Cuba Street from one end to the other and perform an original score by Wellington composer John Psathas.

Add in a sound system across multiple city blocks and a locally-invented Tesla coil that can be played like a keyboard and shoots lightning into its surrounding and you’ve got Cubasonic.

Lynn’s guests are John Psathas and CubaDupa director Gerry Paul. CubaDupa is on March 28 and 29 in Wellington.
RNZ, Nine To Noon, 7 February 2020

Wellington Lantern Festival 2020

A magical night on the waterfront

You know how sometimes you get those lovely performances where everything just feels right – and you don’t know how or why, but it’s a great experience when it happens?

This was one of those nights.

A beautiful evening on Wellington’s waterfront, at one of Wellington’s newer events, the Lantern Festival. Dressed in our beautiful CubaDupa 2019 costumes, our drummers and dancers had a fantastic time performing for the crowd. And there were some tiny people in the crowd who had a pretty fantastic time dancing with us, too!

Wellington Batucada drummers and dancers at the Lantern Festival 2020. Video by Marien NZ.

Coastlands Carnival 2019

A birthday celebration up the coast

Wellington Batucada drummers and dancers perform at the 50th Birthday Celebration for Coastlands Mall in Paraparaumu. Video by Tom S Etuata.

This was a fun gig that got a lot of people moving. The organizers have given us great feedback and apparently the crowd was good over the whole event. Here is a thank you from Jenny who was the main organiser (and a fellow sambista herself from Samba Ao Vento in Palmy).

Thank you all so much for helping put on such a great event on Saturday. We reckon about 4000 people over the five hours. It was such a large space it never felt like that but food trucks sold out and those who were there had a good time. The MC, production, stage, sound and music were exceptional. Thank you!
Jennie Gutry

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Beginners dance and drumming course 2019

Come and join us!

Beginners dance and drumming course 2019Come and learn to drum and dance alongside members of Wellington Batucada. Sign up for the Beginners courses now for 2019.

Dates have been confirmed for 3 x two-hour workshops to be run every second Sunday for both Dancers and Drummers on the following dates: 11th & 25th August and 8 September.

Dancers will be in the Pipe Band Hall and the Drummers up at the Cook Island Society Hall. On the alternate Sunday beginners will be invited to visit band practice and watch.

Cost of workshops to beginners will be $60 for all 3 x two-hour sessions, to be paid up front. There’s also a special price of $25 for current Batucada members.

Sign up here!