Newtown Fair 2020

The last gig before lockdown…

Wellington Batucada at Newtwon Fair 2020. Photo by Tom Etuata.

Although we didn’t realise it at the time, the 2020 Newtown Fair was our last gig before lockdown, just over two weeks later. It was also to be the last gig with our dear friend Mathew Gale.

It was an epic event, and we feel so blessed to have been able to come together, dancing and drumming our way through the streets of one of our favourite Wellington communities, one last time.

We know that, all being well, we’ll be drumming and dancing together again some day soon. Our next Newtown will be for you, Mathew.

Wellington Batucada at Newtown Fair 2020 - photo by Tom Etuata

Wellington Batucada drummers and dancers at the Newtown Fair 2020. Video by Tom Etuata.

Photo gallery

Photos by Alan Shuker, Epu Tararo, and Tom Etuata. Click on any thumbnail to see the larger version:

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