Round the Bays 2020

An early start to a fun-filled morning

Round the Bays 2020 - selfie by Epu Tararo


We were invited to perform at the Round the Bays event (for the Fiji Airways Corporate Zone), entertaining the runners as they race past. Our drummers and dancers performed from 7:45am to 9:30 am – playing off and on for runner groups passing by.

That’s one early start – especially for a high-energy activity like samba. Ditto for the high-energy activity of running – what a challenge!

Anyway – it turned out to be a lovely morning, with lots of drumming and dancing and a great crowd of enthusiastic runners and walkers streaming by, giving us a wave and a cheer as they zoomed past.

Wellington Batucada drummers and dancers performing at Round the Bays 2020. Video by Tom Etuata.

Promo video for Wellington Batucada with Fiji Airways at Round the Bays 2020 – featuring our dance director Hillary Reid and footage from many of our recent performances.

Photo gallery

Photos by Epu Tararo and Rebecca Routhan. Click on any thumbnail to see the larger version:

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