Dancing into Summer with WellingtonNZ

Why is everyone dancing around Wellington this summer?

Dance your way around Wellington this summer! Video by WellingtonNZ.com

We were rather thrilled to be invited to do a bit of filming as part of the latest WellingtonNZ promo video.

A bunch of us got together over lunch, the film crew hit “record”, and we started drumming and dancing next to the Bucket Fountain on Cuba Street.

We even gathered a little crowd, which was kinda weird because we were doing some serious stop-start kind of playing for the camera, and it wasn’t really very much of a show. Still – it was great to have an audience!

What fun!

We are only featured in the video for a split second (of course) – blink and you miss us – but it was great to be asked to represent the samba massive in an “Everybody’s dancing in Wellington” video. Because of course we are. Every week – and in as many places as possible. Thanks WellingtonNZ!

Why is everyone dancing around Wellington this summer? Well, there are so many events to dance at! From the NZ Festival of the Arts and Wellington Pride Festival I Tū whakahīhī e Te Whanganui-ā-Tara to CubaDupa, Newtown Festival and more, there’s so much music for everyone to dance to.

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