Ode to the Moon 2019

Celebrating the Chinese Autumn Festival on the Full Moon

Wellington Batucada at Ode to the Moon 2019. Photo by Deborah Shuker.

A great gig for the crew at the Ode to the Moon Multicultural show at Lower Hutt Town Hall. A fun and vibrant night was had by all.

It was brilliant to watch all the other cultural acts take to the stage before us – they were amazing! It was a real honour to have been asked to close the show with our drumming and dancing.

Note to selves: check lift to backstage area is working and everyone is assembled before you walk out on stage…

Wellington Batucada drummers and dancers performing onstage at the Ode to the Moon multicultural show – celebrating the Chinese Autumn Festival on the Full Moon. Video by Tom S Etuata.

Photo gallery

Photos by Deborah Shuker. Click on any thumbnail to see the larger version:

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