Wellington Batucada at CubaDupa 2019

Live on-stage at the Opera House

Due to the recent tragic events in Christchurch, CubaDupa was moved offstreet this year.

Our Sunday Swan Stage show went ahead as planned – but on-stage at the Opera House (ooohhh!!).

Wellington Batucada drummers and dancers perform live at the Opera House, Wellington, New Zealand – as part of CubaDupa 2019. This year we celebrated the life and music of Mestre Moa do Katande, who was an inspiration to us all.

In an amazing piece of last-minute re-planning we were given more time onstage than we had planned for in our original show. This meant that, in addition to the stage show performers, we were able to introduce our audience to all our drummers and dancers.

It really was special – and a real treat for less experienced members of the band who might never otherwise get the opportunity to perform on-stage in such a large and prestigious venue.

We raised the roof!!

Many thanks and much respect to the CubaDupa organisers for bringing this all together and rearranging everything in such a short amount of time. Arohanui. #TheyAreUs.

In light of the tragic event in Christchurch, our aroha, sincere thoughts and prayers go out to our Muslim sisters and brothers at this time. They are us and we are them. It’s our diverse communities that enrich and enlighten our lives and although it’s a dark time right now, we want to shine a light of aroha and peace to everyone that’s been affected. Kia Kaha Christchurch. Kia Kaha Aotearoa.❤️
Wellington Batucada

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