Island Bay Festival parade 2017

What a lovely day for a parade!

Island Bay Festival parade 2017 - Tim C leads the band - photo by Alan ShukerOur second gig of the year so far, and quite a reasonable turn-out, including some lovely faces who we haven’t seen for a while – hello Shelly and Kat! It’s good to see you again!

The sun shone, and the wind did not make an appearance (which was quite fabulous, considering that this summer has been, so far, The Worst Summer Ever, weather-wise).

Tim C did the honours with the directing, and challenged us with (I think) our first live performance of Timbalada, which went pretty well.

The crowds lined the streets and waved and clapped, our dancers led the way and were gorgeous as usual (thanks dancers – you were great!), and a lovely time was had by all. We were at the very end of the parade, which meant that heaps of people watched us go by and then walked with us along the parade route, which was really cool.

We finished the parade – which kicks off a week of celebrations and activities as part of the Island Bay Festival – in the park by the beach, and were guided through the crowds and down to the front of the stage, where we found ourselves doing a brief impromptu show for the assembled masses. It’s always fun doing unexpected stuff – and because we were well warmed up by that point, it sounded OK too.

We ended the day’s festivities in the local hostelry where we consumed a couple of large lemonades and cooled down after the afternoon’s excursions. Lovely.

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