A thousand reasons to support our CubaDupa Boosted campaign!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

…so here’s ours – a thousand reasons to make a donation towards the CubaDupa Carnival Zone via our Boosted campaign. So far we have raised $4,710 towards the total of $10,000 – and we have only 6 more days in which to raise the remaining 53%. Would you like to become part of the team and join us in our journey?


Wellington Batucada at Cuba Street Carnival

THANK YOU xxxxxx

In summary:

Wellington City Council is bringing back the Cuba Street Carnival – now known as CubaDupa. Hooray! It will be held over the weekend of 28th – 29th March 2015.

They’ve promised $250,000 per year for the next 4 years, which is brilliant, as it gives the event a solid foundation – but once you’ve covered wages and paid for the road closures and security for the weekend – the money’s all but gone.

They need to raise at least another $250,000 for the event, and have set up seven Boosted campaigns (Boosted being the NZ Arts Foundation version of Kickstarter).

Wellington Batucada is one of the seven, with the Carnival Zone, which will take over Upper Cuba Street and bring the Rio Carnival to Welli for the duration of the festival. We are building a crazy PushMe-PullYou double-headed elephant stage, dressing ourselves in strange and wonderful “Dr Seuss meets Samba” inspired costumes, festooning the whole of Upper Cuba Street with bunting, creating giant puppets to accompany the crazy drumming, running costume-making and dance workshops for the public before the festival so that everyone has a chance to get fully involved, and inviting all the other samba bands from around the country to join us. We might even do a bit of drumming if there’s any time left!

Batucada is spending $7,000 of our own money to pay for our costumes, and CubaDupa will be asking the local businesses to donate $10,000 to the Carnival Zone. Our Boosted campaign aims to raise another $10,000 – and we have 6 more days in which to do it. We’re currently on $4,710, which is 47% of the total.

The very wonderful and generous Chris Parkin who owns the Museum Art Hotel has agreed to be our Match Donor – and he will match every dollar you give with a dollar of his own. So if you donate $20, our campaign actually gets $40, if you donate $50, our campaign gets $100, and so on.

Because Boosted is a charity, it’s tax-deductible. In most cases, donors can claim a 33% tax credit from Inland Revenue. Give $100, get $33 back. How cool is that?

Boosted runs like this: if we don’t manage to raise the full $10K – we don’t get anything. All the $$ goes back to the donors, and all of Chris’s money goes back into his pocket too, and we don’t see a penny of it. It makes sense – donors supporting a $10,000 party aren’t going to want a $5,000 one instead – but it does make the fundraising effort super-scary and (because we’ve been rather busy up until now on our “votes for WOMAD” campaign) now super-urgent.

You can support the campaign with a donation of as little as $5 – and of course, if you’re feeling flush, you can donate more than that if you wish. Every little (or big!) helps. Think of it as your advance ticket to CubaDupa, your opportunity to be a philanthropist for a day, and your (hugely valued) expression of support for The Arts in Wellington. If you’d like to share this request with anyone else you think would be interested, please do!

Thank you in advance – if you feel you can – for your very kind and generous donation. YOU ROCK!!!

…here’s that link again – MAKE A DONATION TODAY!

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