Brazil National Day 2014

The 192nd anniversary of the independence of Brazil

Brazil National Day 2014We were honoured to once again be invited to perform at the Brazil National Day celebrations – a black tie event held this year at the beautiful (and very grand) Massey Museum Building.

A smaller-than-normal hand-picked group played two sets as the guests arrived and walked the red carpet into the event. Technically I suppose we were playing in the inner foyer of the building – but oh my goodness what a room! A vast open space two or three storeys high within this classical structure made of solid old stone, and the acoustics were – amazing.

Each time we came to the end of a piece and heard the echoes dying away for three or four seconds (which is an unusually long time, as you can imagine), we let out an involuntary “ooooooh!” at the volume of the echo and the sheer wonder of the noise, and the space, and the atmosphere. Just brilliant.

After our second set we were invited up to the main ballroom to join the party and mingle with the guests, which some of us did more effectively than others – and then we played a final set in the ballroom itself – with many of the guests being quite enthusiastic about having a bit of a dance while we played.

What a lovely evening! It’s always a delight to perform for the Brazilian Embassy and their guests, and we’re always thrilled when they appreciate our playing – and it’s also really satisfying to play in a small group sometimes – it really keeps you on your toes!

…and in case you’re wondering – the beautiful masks were imported from Brazil especially for the event, and were lent to us by the Brazilian Embassy. Just for the night. They took them back again at the end. Sob!

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