Mt Cook School Gala

Happy happy joy joy

Mt Cook School Gala - Nige and a new recruit - photo by Deborah HarrisWe arrived at the school playground in the middle of the outdoor disco. The DJ was playing Pharrell’s song “Happy”, which always makes me happy, and I knew it was going to be a lovely gig.

Mt Cook is an inner city, multicultural primary school with an energetic, inclusive vibe. Kate and Gurdip both have kids at the school, which I guess is one of the reasons why we were invited to play at their fundraising gala today.

Dazzer and Tim G did the directing honours, and both worked hard to get the audience involved. It was lovely to watch the kids gradually realise that Dazzer was directing them to turn around with us every forth bar in Six-Eight, and very cool to see them all following our choreography and having a great time.

I was really proud of the caixas today. There were only three of us in the section for this gig – me plus newbies Ayesha and Amanda. It was Ayesha’s second-ever gig (her first being Newtown Fair last Sunday) and only Amanda’s fifth, as she earned her trousers just a month ago. They both did really well, although I think it was quite nerve-racking for them to turn up and realise there were so few of us playing caixa today. Great job guys!

I think it really helps new players to be able to perform in amongst the more experienced members of the band. Most of the performers in line today really know their stuff, and you feel so supported and safe when you’re surrounded by key members of the band who really know what they are doing. It’s a lovely feeling.

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Six-Eight – video of Kelly and the band by proud Tom Etuatua

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