2014 Wellington Sevens waterfront parade – day 1

Posing as pirates in the torrential rain

Wellington Batucada at the Wellington Sevens waterfront parade, day 1 - photo by Michael SloleyDarn it! I knew I shouldn’t have mentioned how well the weather turned out in my previous post.

So – this year’s Sevens will go down in the annals of history for a) really crappy weather and b) really awesome costumes by Wellington Batucada.

And really, when you look as fabulous as this, who cares about a bit of rain? At least on Day 1 it started out OK and only became torrential at the very end…

ARRRRRRRRRR – avast there me hearties! Splice the mainbrace and keelhaul the landlubbers!

Photo gallery

Click on any thumbnail to see the larger version. You can use left and right arrows on your keyboard to navigate. Photos by Alan Shuker, Michael Sloley, Phil Ansell and Alison Green:


…and an odd little Hipstamatic collection by Alison Green:


Parading along the waterfront – video by Michael Sloley

Acting as Pied Pipers on the waterfront – video by Michael Sloley

Merengue on the waterfront – video by Michael Sloley

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