Kokomai Creative Festival, Wairarapa

A masked parade, a drumming workshop, a barbeque and a ninja gig on the way home…

Kokomai Creative Festival masked parade - Anny & AlanA while ago, #2 surdo player Bill and his wife Joss moved from Wellington to the Wairarapa – and they’ve become quite involved with the creative and cultural goings-on in their new community.

One of the events that Bill was particularly keen on was the Kokomai Creative Festival, Wairarapa’s first ever region-wide celebration of the Arts. This new festival was staged over ten days in October 2013. It featured an inspiring series of workshops and performances of music, visual arts, film, dance, theatre, culinary arts, literature and free community events held at venues right across the Wairarapa.

The festival culminated in a masked parade through Masterton’s Queen Elizabeth Park, which we were invited to lead, followed by a drumming workshop in the Town Hall. Bill and Joss hosted an awesome barbeque at their place in the afternoon, and on the way home our bus stopped outside the White Swan in Greytown for an impromptu ninja gig for the patrons. What a brilliant day!

Photo galleries

Click on any thumbnail to see the larger version. All photos by Alan Shuker:

The masked parade

The drumming workshop

The barbeque

The ninja gig

Media coverage

From the Wairarapa Times-Age, Tuesday 29 October (click any image to see a larger version):

Wairarapa Times-Age - masked musos

Wairarapa Times-Age - grooving

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