Johnsonville Christmas Parade 2012

Happy Christmas, Johnsonville!

We love the Johnsonville Christmas parade. It’s much smaller than the big central Wellington one, and has a lovely relaxed vibe. It somehow feels very 1950s to me – not big and showy, but much more community-focused and homely. It’s just lovely.

John in his pohutukawa hat, Christian as a Mexican wrestler

John in his pohutukawa hat, Christian as a Mexican wrestler

Many of the band were sporting extra Christmas regalia in addition to our black uniforms – including Christian who decided to wear his Mexican wrestler’s mask just for fun – well, it does have Christmas colours I suppose – hope he didn’t frighten any small children along the way!

Warming up before the paradeWe had a bit of a warmup while we were waiting to begin – always a good idea – and then it was time to set off.

The crowds lining the route were pretty enthusiastic, with heaps of kids and their parents waving and cheering and doing a little jiggle in time to the rhythm as we passed by.

I think my favourite part of the parade is right at the very end. There’s not much of a crowd at this point, and in fact the street was so empty this year that Tim, who was directing at the time, was heard to ask “Shall we stop now, or carry on for a bit longer?” (Our answer was, as always “Carry on!!”).

And it’s just as well that we did, because the best bit was yet to come. It’s all the old ladies and gentlemen from the Care Home on the corner, sat out in camp chairs, wrapped up in blankies to keep out the cold, cups of tea in hand, and all waving and smiling enthusiastically at us. Brilliant. I love that bit.

Thanks Johnsonville for another lovely Christmas Parade. Let’s do it all again next year!

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