Wellington Phoenix vs Sydney FC

Waterfront parade from Queen’s Wharf to the Stadium

Surdo line at the Phoenix gameThis was the first time we’ve done anything for Wellington Phoenix in aaages, and we were really pleased to be asked to take part in their new pre-match waterfront parades.

We gathered at Queen’s Wharf and waited for the parade of schoolkids to arrive from Civic Square. Once they reached Queen’s Wharf, we hopped onto the tail-end of their line, and together we all marched along the waterfront to the Stadium. It was a pretty big crowd, all very excited and enthusiastic about seeing the Phoenix in their first home game of the season, as were we.

Photo gallery

The Phoenix cameras were there to capture all the action – check out these screenshots of us from the Facebook video. Click on any thumbnail to see a larger version:

By the time we arrived at the Stadium the wind had got up and some very dark clouds were looming threateningly overhead. We did a bit of a concert for the fans waiting in line, and just as we finished, the heavens opened. Unfortunately the fans had to wait outside for a further 20 minutes before they were allowed in, by which time everyone was soaked to the skin, cold and wet.

We had been given tickets to the game as a “thankyou” for playing, and a hardy handful of us braved the weather and watched the game. Phoenix won the match, 2-0. Go Phoenix!

Video by Wellington Phoenix FC

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