Official Wellington Batucada clothing for sale!

Show your support with our fabbo hoodies and vests

Wellington Batucada has a bunch of different uniforms for different occasions – there’s the official black uniform (recently updated to cotton rather than synthetic – bliss!), the old official white uniform which I think has been retired (it really wasn’t very flattering, to be honest), and various T-shirts and hoodies – I especially like our dark blue teeny tiny T-shirts we wore for the Cuba Street Carnival.

All of these uniforms are available to Batucada members once they get signed-off to perform – in fact earning your uniform is an important part of the process. But we haven’t had any items of official Batucada clothing that you can buy before you get signed-off – or to wear if you’re a fan, rather than a Batucada member.

Until now!

So – without further ado we present the Official Wellington Batucada Hoodie and Vest Collection – otherwise known as “We love the band, but we’re not quite in the band (yet) – if you see what I mean…”

From L to R: hoodie (front), hoodie (back), hooded vest (front), hooded vest (back)

From L to R: hoodie (front), hoodie (back), hooded vest (front), hooded vest (back)

Both the hoodies and vests are a generous shade of red(ish), and have the Batucada shield logo on the front and our big Batucada star logo across the back. They’re lovely and warm and snuggly. The hoodies have sleeves that are slightly shorter than normal, so if you’ve got long arms you’ll probably prefer the vests!

Cost: $30 each
Styles: Red hoodies and red hooded vests
Sizes available: Men’s S, M, L, XL and Women’s 10, 12, 14, 16
Contact: our fashionista Phillip Rendle at if you’d like to buy one.

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