Sambanui – Afro-Brazilian percussion + dance workshops

ANZAC WEEKEND, 24-27 APRIL 2014 – Brookfield Camp, Wainuiomata

Wellington Batucada has invited world-class instructors Leon Patel, Eraldo De Sá Marques, Adriana Rosso and Genevieve Estevez-Baker to lead us in 4 days of total immersion samba percussion and dance.


In 2013 Wellington Batucada organised a get-together for all the NZ Samba Schools, building and feeding our vibrant community while paying tribute to the wonderful legacy of the Jambalaya Festivals in Auckland.

It was a huge success, with 80 drummers and 20 dancers attending from all over the country. We had such a brilliant time, we’re doing it all again in 2014. Welcome once again to Sambanui.

We’re aiming for full immersion for the weekend, retaining what we learn and incorporating it into our individual bateria repertoires back at home.

To add extra value to Sambanui 2014 we have invited two extra tutors – one each for percussion and dance. This will allow us to focus more on technique and patterns for individual instruments.


A full immersion course is one where we literally immerse ourselves in samba – fully focused, with no distractions. The four-day course takes us on a journey through learning fairly complex rhythmical arrangements – with each day’s workshops building on and developing the work we’ve done together on previous days.

In this way, as individuals within a single bateria, we will not only improve our playing (you’ll be amazed at how much better you get when you play for six hours a day for four days!), but we will also get our heads around the new patterns and rhythms that make up a full-on Brazilian carnival arrangement from Salvador, broadening our understanding of the roots of Brazilian rhythm and adding to our samba repertoire; brought to us by our tutors Leon Patel and Eraldo De Sá Marques (percussion) and Adriana Rosso and Genevieve Estevez-Baker (dance).

We strongly encourage people to come for the whole event, because the material will be introduced gradually over the four days, and will culminate in a public performance on the Sunday. We also expect Sambanui 2014 to be oversubscribed, and intend to give priority to people coming for the whole event.


The workshops begin at midday on Thursday 24 April, with the Brookfield Outdoor Education Centre being open to us from Wednesday evening onwards. The event concludes on Sunday 27 April with workshops until 2.00pm and a performance at Dowse Square in Lower Hutt in the late afternoon. We will be tidying up and vacating the Brookfield Centre on Sunday afternoon before our performance.


Leon Patel – Percussion workshops

Leon PatelLeon Patel is at the helm of Global Grooves, having committed over a decade to sharing his passion and knowledge of percussion and song from around the world – including Brazilian, South Asian, West African, Cuban, and Western musical styles.

As well as laying claim to the loudest timbau slap in the West, Leon regularly holds master percussion classes and short courses all over the UK.

He has studied with international percussion ensembles in Brazil, West Africa and India and toured with Batucada Sound Machine in 2011. Leon’s directorship of Global Grooves and numerous UK ensembles has facilitated the development of international percussion-driven music in the UK. You can’t visit many percussion ensembles in the UK without hearing one of Leon’s unique and inspiring arrangements.

Leon will develop an exciting and unique arrangement to explore and celebrate Brazilian carnival styles from Salvador. These arrangements will draw upon rhythms from Brazilian Candomblé de Ketu and Candomblé de Angola, adopting percussive phrasing to celebrate the Orixas. Full-on hard core fast and funky samba-influenced reggae/samba duro. Big breaks, heavy phrasing and samba swing and some cheeky tamborim phrases if you can handle full-on virada. The percussion arrangements will work hand-in-hand with the choreography and lead to an exciting presentation celebrating north-eastern Afro-Brazilian culture.

Eraldo De Sá Marques – Percussion workshops

Eraldo De Sá MarquesEraldo joined Global Grooves in 2004 following a series of collaborative workshops delivered by Meninos do Morumbi. He’s now their artistic manager, percussion tutor, and international liaison. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, Eraldo brings a cheery, grounded energy to their often hectic and exciting schedule of events.

Eraldo’s childhood beginnings within the percussion scene (with Meninos do Morumbi – São Paulo, Brazil) have provided him with a real love and understanding of the power of youth participation in the arts.

As well as coordinating, administrating, and delivering musical content within Global Grooves and Bangdrum Workshops programmes since 2004, he has inspired a host of UK tutors with his knowledge and almost serene approach to workshop leading.

Eraldo has aided the development of a number of Northwest percussion and dance groups including Meninos Oldham and Grupo SambAfriq, and regularly performs with ensemble groups such as Juba do Leão.

Watch video of Eraldo leading Samba workshop at Band On The Wall.

Adriana Rosso – Dance workshops

Adriana RossoAdriana has studied and danced with Meninos do Morumbi and Gaviões Da Fiel Samba School in São Paulo where she was twice Princesa da Bateria in 1997/98. She soon became a lead dancer and teacher at Meninos do Morumbi and in 2005 she came to the UK to work with Global Grooves and deliver large-scale cultural dance projects across Europe.

Adriana is an exceptional performer and choreographer with a vast experience in many international dance styles, teaching and performing regularly around the world. Adriana has played a key role in the development of Global Grooves’ programme, and it will be our pleasure to once again introduce her energy, skill and knowledge to the groups in New Zealand.

Genevieve Estevez-Baker – Dance workshops

Genevieve Estevez-BakerGenevieve has been involved in Afro-Brazilian dance since the age of 13, where she studied at Meninos Do Morumbi Oldham, the UK’s only sister project to the internationally renowned social project in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She furthered her training by travelling to Brazil for her year 10 work experience at the age of 15 funded by British Airways Communities and Conservation for excellence in Dance. There she studied with Meninos Do Morumbi, in São Paulo. This opportunity advanced her understanding of not only dance, but also percussion, song and carnival culture.

Since then, Genevieve has been a lead performer and choreographer with one of the UK’s leading percussion and dance collectives Juba do Leão. She has helped to pioneer the development of new dance collaborations fusing contemporary dance influences with the traditional rhythms and movement from North Eastern Brazil and now leads the dance classes with Jubacana – the youth branch of the project.

Having recently graduated from York University with a degree in community dance, and being a member of Flight Effect Dance Company, she is sharing her knowledge of dance within her local community, working with a wide range of ages and abilities from young people to professional performing artists.

She has worked with the Global Grooves team on many high profile workshops and productions, performing, choreographing and leading dance workshops throughout the UK. She is currently a mentor for the Global Grooves Future Leaders arts apprenticeships, helping to further develop the carnival arts and culture scene throughout the UK. Genevieve is also a lead tutor with BangDrum CIC, a leading creative education social enterprise based in Manchester UK.

Genevieve will be supporting Adriana in the delivery of the Sambanui dance classes and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with the carnival groups of New Zealand.


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What to bring

  • Sleeping bag, and blankie or duvet if you feel the cold, pillow, hot water bottle.
  • Earplugs, drum(s)
  • Towel and toiletries etc
  • Warm clothes, coat etc  (it does get cold at night!), gumboots and umbrella in case it rains.
  • Camp chairs for sitting around the fires
  • Food for all meals (except for Friday night when WB is shouting everyone pizzas), beverages (including hot drinks), bowls and cups (there is plenty of cutlery, dinner plates and pots and pans there).  There is a supermarket only 10 minutes away for stocking and restocking up over the weekend
  • Guitar, ukuleles and other instruments and music song sheets if you have spares to share for singing around the camp fires

We look forward to seeing you at Sambanui 2014!