Batucada membership form

It’s time to renew your membership for 2020-2021

Wellington Batucada relies on membership fees to cover many of our ongoing costs such as instrument purchases and rehearsal hall hire.

Standard membership: $45
Unwaged/student membership: $35
Voluntary additional donation: however much you like, if you wish

Wellington Batucada is a charity, and your donation (not your membership fee) is tax-deductible. The form includes a donation receipt request, which you will need for your tax return.

Membership benefits include:

  • The use of the Wellington Batucada practice venue
  • The use of Wellington Batucada owned instruments
  • Receiving the weekly Wellington Batucada BATMAIL
  • Getting your hands on the Batucada drum notation PDFs so you can practice at home
  • Ongoing access to the members-only section of the website

And, you need to be a member of Wellington Batucada to:

  • Attend Batucada band practice
  • Perform at gigs once you’ve been signed-off
  • Attend the AGM
  • Vote on Wellington Batucada matters and for the committee

Signed-off status

Please note that there are checkboxes on the form to indicate whether or not you want to be part of the performance group for the coming year. If you’re a beginner, you’re definitely not ready to tick these yet – but sometime within the next 6-18 months, you most definitely could be!

Band members please tick the performance checkboxes only if you have been officially signed-off by Tim or Darryn (drummers), or Arawhetu or Hillary (dancers). Sign-off indicates that the directors are completely confident in your ability to perform in parades and/or on-stage.

Membership form

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About your membership

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Standard membership ($45)Unwaged/student membership ($35)


Drummers - what instrument(s) do you play?

We know some of you play more than one instrument, at different levels of proficiency and director sign-off. Please tell us about them:













#4 (and more)

Congratulations! You win the prize for playing the most instruments! Tell us about any others, and give us the same info for each one as we've asked above, and we'll sort it all out in our spreadsheet.

Dancers - what is your performance sign-off status?



I have paid/will pay my subscription for the period 1st September 2020 – 31st August 2021 and I hereby declare support for the objectives of Wellington Batucada.

Check this box to show you agree *

Paying your membership fee

Your membership fees cover the year 1st September 2020 – 31st August 2021.

Once you’ve submitted this form, please make sure you pay your membership fee (and donation, if applicable) online:

Please make a deposit into the Wellington Batucada bank account:
Account no. 38-9012-0348830-00
Put your name and “MEMBERSHIP 20-21” in the payment detail fields

Thank you for supporting Wellington Batucada.