Rocinha samba – surdos 1 & 2

Samba specifics for surdos 1 & 2

The introduction

This is how we will start the Rocinha samba during performances – with a long call-and-response intro between the director and the band.

Since the workshop Tim and Darryn have re-arranged the intro, so what we play now is different to what we learned in November. Part 1 is the same as it was, but parts 2 and 3 have changed. The parts the directors play have not changed, however.

See Rocinha samba – whole band for videos of the intro.

Mocidade break

The band plays the Mocidade break, with a focus on the surdos.

Liberdade break

Since we filmed this in November, Tim has decided to change the surdo pattern a bit.

New version of this video to come – when Tim teaches us the new version.

Funk break

Focus on the surdos playing the Funk break.

Focus on the surdos (feet!) playing the Funk break.

All videos on this page by Jamie Baddeley – thanks Jamie!

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