A thousand reasons to support our CubaDupa Boosted campaign!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

…so here’s ours – a thousand reasons to make a donation towards the CubaDupa Carnival Zone via our Boosted campaign. So far we have raised $4,710 towards the total of $10,000 – and we have only 6 more days in which to raise the remaining 53%. Would you like to become part of the team and join us in our journey?


Wellington Batucada at Cuba Street Carnival

THANK YOU xxxxxx
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We’re performing at WOMAD next year!

Wellington Batucada wins the 2015 WOMAD Performer Competition

Busking for WOMAD votes on Courtenay Place

Busking for WOMAD votes on Courtenay Place
Photo by Alan Shuker

Check out the WOMAD website!!!

Dear Batucada friends and family, Bat-members past, present, and future…

It’s been one heck of a ride.

Over the past 8 weeks we have worked together on an awesome common goal – to win the opportunity to perform at WOMAD next year – a festival that we love and admire.

We’ve asked pretty much everyone we know to vote for us, and then we’ve asked a whole bunch of people we don’t know to vote for us too – through our regular gigs and special vote-collecting busking sessions all over Wellington and beyond.

It’s been a heck of a busy and full-on 2 months for all of us, and I think what has impressed me the most is the huge amount of original effort, creativity and sheer guts and determination that so many people have shown. Continue reading

Wellington Batucada & the Museum Art Hotel – CubaDupa partners!

We <3 the Wellington Museum Art Hotel - our new CubaDupa match partners

Museum Art Hotel WellingtonWellington Batucada is delighted to announce that we have found a match donor for the CubaDupa Carnival Zone. We met Chris Parkin of the Museum Art Hotel at the CubaDupa launch event on Monday, got chatting, and he has agreed to become our partner! How fabulous.

The Museum Art Hotel will match all donations made to the Carnival Zone Boosted campaign, up to the value of $5,000. Thanks a million Chris! You are wonderful. Now all we have to do is help Chris decide what instrument he wants to play in the band.

Find out more about the Carnival Zone and make a donation to our Boosted campaign. You know you want to! Your donation will enable us to create a themed zone with music, dance and carnival arts in Upper Cuba Street. Costumes, street dressings, puppets and a stage set will bring Cuba Street alive with colour celebrating the street and the people who make up the creative pulse of our capital.

Donate to the CubaDupa Boosted campaign!

Get involved as Wellington Batucada becomes part of Carnival at the top of Cuba Street

2009 Cuba Street Carnival

Creating a spectacle at the 2009 Cuba Street Carnival


We are honoured to have been chosen as one of seven groups to spearhead the Wellington CubaDupa Boosted campaign. Each group will be featured as part of next year’s inaugural CubaDupa festival, being held in and around Cuba Street, 28th & 29th March 2015. The Boosted campaign aims to raise an additional $250,000 to match the Wellington City Council’s generous $250,000 funding, which will make CubaDupa the awesome event that we know it can be.

The Carnival Zone target on Boosted is to raise $10,000, which we hope will be equalled by a generous match donor. Wellington Batucada will also be putting in $10,000 of our own money.

Featuring Wellington Batucada and samba groups from across New Zealand; the Carnival Zone will fill the streets with music, dance and festivity throughout the weekend. Continue reading

Please vote for Wellington Batucada to perform at WOMAD 2015!

We want to play at WOMAD!

Wellington Batucada has entered the competition to perform as a roving band at WOMAD 2015. The band that gets the most votes, wins.

Check out our video:

If you think we would be good at WOMAD, how about giving us your vote?

To vote, click on the Batucada entry page on the WOMAD website and cast your vote. You’ll get an email asking you to confirm your vote (check your junk mail folder if you don’t).

Thanks so much! Every vote counts, because you can only vote once from any given email address.

If you have friends who might also consider supporting us, please pass this info on to them.

Beginners’ drum workshops start Sunday 12 October 2014

Learn samba drumming with Wellington Batucada!

Wellington Batucada in the RWC 2011 All Blacks victory parade

Wellington Batucada in the RWC 2011 All Blacks victory parade
Photo by NZ Sevens (click to enlarge)

We are pleased to announce that the new series of beginners’ drumming workshops will start at 12.45pm on Sunday 12 October 2014, and will run till 3pm. There will be 6 workshops in total, and costs are $60 for the series if paid in full, or $12.50 per workshop. Continue reading

Coburg Samba Festival, Germany 2014 (1)

Part 1 – London

A Batucada adventure with Lisa, Christian, Nige, Debs, Dr Phil and AliG

London School of Samba's Orquidea Lima, onstage at the Coburg Samba Festival - photo by Nigel SloleyEvery summer the small Bavarian town of Coburg holds a rather large samba festival.

It began in 1992 with 20 samba groups performing, and two years later it had grown to 40 groups and 1,000 performers.

Now, 22 years later, 100 samba groups take part, with over 3,000 performers.

It’s now the biggest samba festival outside Brazil, and for three days in July Coburg’s rather modest population of 42,000 swells to an impressive 200,000.

Our adventure began with a random “wouldn’t it be nice” discussion after band practice one Sunday in February – and ended with 5 of us performing on stage with the London School of Samba (LSS) at this year’s Coburg Samba Festival.

This is how it went down… Continue reading

Samba, moonhoppers, zombies – and the Rugby Sevens!

Sevens Wellington campaign shoot – Where Rugby Meets Awesome

The Batucada crew - Where Rugby Meets Awesome - photo by Nigel Sloley

The Batucada crew - Where Rugby Meets Awesome
Photo by Nigel Sloley

One sunny (and icy cold) day in August, Wellington Batucada was invited (in a hush hush secret squirrel kind of a way) to take part in the filming for Where Rugby meets Awesome – the theme behind this year’s Sevens Wellington ticketing campaign and event. Continue reading

Join us at our Xmas Party show @ San Francisco Bath House

Wellington gets a Brazilian for Xmas!

Batucada Xmas Party posterOn Saturday 22nd December Santa is coming early, bringing the most explosive Xmas party! The heart of Rio De Janeiro is right here in Wellington this Christmas with Wellington Batucada.

This powerhouse ensemble creates breathtakingly complex walls of sound. The throbbing heartbeat of the surdo drum underpins rattling snares, layers of hand-held percussion instruments such as agogo bells, ganza shakers, tambourims, and the panting, surreal shrieks and moans of the cuica friction drum.

Joining the carnival will be Crazy Fat Brazilian: Elaine Abras sings and plays guitar, Matt Smithers on electric guitar beside Darryn Sigley on drums, and Paul Mouncey on bass.

So join us for a sweaty dance hall samba party!

No cover charge – Show starts at 8pm.

Event page on Facebook

Official Wellington Batucada clothing for sale!

Show your support with our fabbo hoodies and vests

Wellington Batucada has a bunch of different uniforms for different occasions – there’s the official black uniform (recently updated to cotton rather than synthetic – bliss!), the old official white uniform which I think has been retired (it really wasn’t very flattering, to be honest), and various T-shirts and hoodies – I especially like our dark blue teeny tiny T-shirts we wore for the Cuba Street Carnival.

All of these uniforms are available to Batucada members once they get signed-off to perform – in fact earning your uniform is an important part of the process. But we haven’t had any items of official Batucada clothing that you can buy before you get signed-off – or to wear if you’re a fan, rather than a Batucada member.

Until now!

So – without further ado we present the Official Wellington Batucada Hoodie and Vest Collection – otherwise known as “We love the band, but we’re not quite in the band (yet) – if you see what I mean…”

From L to R: hoodie (front), hoodie (back), hooded vest (front), hooded vest (back)

From L to R: hoodie (front), hoodie (back), hooded vest (front), hooded vest (back)

Both the hoodies and vests are a generous shade of red(ish), and have the Batucada shield logo on the front and our big Batucada star logo across the back. They’re lovely and warm and snuggly. The hoodies have sleeves that are slightly shorter than normal, so if you’ve got long arms you’ll probably prefer the vests!

Cost: $30 each
Styles: Red hoodies and red hooded vests
Sizes available: Men’s S, M, L, XL and Women’s 10, 12, 14, 16
Contact: our fashionista Phillip Rendle at rendlep@gmail.com if you’d like to buy one.