RWC 2011 – Cuba Mall

Festival of Carnivale – dancing and drumming in the rain

Playin' in the rainIt was cold and wet for our Cuba Mall gig, which was a pity, as Cuba Street is something of a spiritual home for Wellington Batucada and we love playing there.

So cold and wet, in fact, that our normally staunch dancers ditched their flimsy costumes and performed in their normal streetwear instead.

So cold and wet, in fact, that this may well go down in the Batucada archives as one of our briefest appearances ever – not much longer than 10 minutes by all accounts. Continue reading

RWC 2011 – Australia vs USA

Parade from the Fanzone to the stadium for the Australia vs USA game

Fish heads on paradeThis was our first parade leading the fans pied-piper style from the Fanzone along the waterfront to the stadium in time for the game. It was a great one to start with, as the USA fans were, not surprisingly (because I guess they do this all the time for all kinds of sporting events) in fine voice and dressed up to the nines in their national colours.

An evening kick-off meant this parade was the only one of our Fanzone-to-stadium gigs performed in the dark, and it was also the only one where we wore our fish-head costumes, first unveiled at the 2009 Cuba Street Carnival.

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RWC 2011 – opening night

Batucada performing in the Fanzone

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It seems like we’ve been counting down the days for ever, but the Rugby World Cup 2011 is finally here! Wellington Batucada has been invited by the City Council to do a series of performances for the World Cup celebrations, and our first gig was in the Fanzone on opening night. Continue reading